Summer Harvest Baskets

Teacher: Brittany Stanton | Dates: Sat-Sun, 06.15-06.16 , 10am-4pm | Location: North Mississippi ANNEX
Tuition: $250 | Materials: $50

Summer in the Pacific Northwest brings a bounty of berries, stone fruit, tomatoes and squash -- weave a large harvest basket just in time to help gather the fruits in your garden and beyond! More info...

Textile artist and educator, Brittany Stanton will introduce students to the traditional shapes of rib-baskets – such as egg and melon– discussing the history and function of these types of baskets. Using flat reed, round reed, round hoop, and oval hoop, Brittany will guide students in how to accurately set up a handle and rim frame, form and attach ribs, and use a plain weave structure to form a large ribbed basket. Brittany will demonstrate finishing techniques  such as a god’s eye joint, designed to securely lash the rim and handle together. Students will complete a basket that measures up to 20-inches wide by 12-inches deep - the perfect size for foraging forays, market trips, or picnics!

This class is open to ambitious beginners and well-suited to students with some basket weaving experience.

This class is open to students with some basket weaving experience. This workshop is open to anyone 18 years old & over who meet the Essential Eligibility Criteria for Studio Workshops. All participants must accept the inherent risks of participating in a Studio Workshop and agree to sign a liability waiver. This waiver describes in more detail the risks you assume by participating in a Studio Workshop. PLEASE carefully review it!

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