Teach with WildCraft

Whether you’re a returning teacher, or proposing your first class, we’re excited to work with you to transform your passion and skills into a fully developed, WildCraft workshop.


What Kind of Class Can I Teach?

WildCraft classes are skill-driven experiences that fit into the categories of Studio Art, Craft, Textiles, Native Art and Nature. Workshops can be designed as ½ day (3hrs), full-day (6hrs), 2-day (10-12hrs), 2.5 day (15hrs) and 4-week series (12hrs). Most workshops are hosted on Fridays & weekends, with series and 3-hour classes hosted on weeknights.

I’d like to propose a Studio Art, Craft, Textile Art or Native Art workshop. What should I include in my course description?

What is the creative process that students will be engaging in?

Does this creative process have any historical or cultural context? If so, please reference.

Include specifics, such as names of techniques, materials and equipment students will be using and learning about

What will students leave class with?

Is this class suited for beginners, or does it require previous experience?

If this class is strenuous, or requires specific physical strength, please describe

I’d like to propose a Nature-based workshop. What should I include in my course description?

What is the learning focus of the course?

If students are harvesting plants/mushrooms, please list names, species, etc.

If the course has a specific audience, or specific appeal, please describe.

What is the learning environment like? Describe the landscape with some detail: alpine forest, coastal wetland etc…

What can students expect in terms of terrain/weather.

Is this class suited to all physical abilities.

What's a Teacher bio?

You will submit a brief written bio describing yourself and/or your experience in the field of your workshop. See the teacher profiles elsewhere on our website for many examples!

Are there any kinds of workshops you don't run?

Unfortunately, we do not host any medicinal, beauty, exercise, or cooking related workshops. We also cannot host any workshops that are for kids, or people younger than 18 years of age.

Our #1 priority in the coming seasons is to diversify the voices, skills and experiences represented by the teachers we work with.

Have a skill, craft or perspective you don't see represented in our current workshops?