Teach with WildCraft


Class Philosophy

Regardless of subject, a WildCraft class can be defined as an intensive, hands-on experience, where a student can arrive as a beginner and leave feeling confident in having learned a new skill. We offer a smaller number of advanced workshops for more experienced craftspeople, foragers and artists. Our 4-week evening classes focus on in-depth skill-building. At the end of the class, students should leave with a finished product, or a set of samples or developed experiments. Nature classes do not promise that students leave with foraged materials, but do guarantee a high-level of experiential learning.

Our #1 priority in the coming seasons, is to diversify the voices, skills, and experiences represented by the teachers we work with. 
Have an idea for a workshop or series of classes? Have a skill, craft or perspective you don't see represented in our current workshops? ⠀

Deadline for Submissions for Spring/Summer 2022: August 13th, 2021