Discounts and Scholarships

As a small, female-owned and run business, WildCraft strives to make our classes accessible to a diverse array of adult learners. Please read below to learn more about our ACCESS Program and our Native Arts Discount.

Supporting Diversity & Representation in the NW Creative Community

WildCraft’s ACCESS program has a simple design, clear intention and big picture vision:

Our immediate goal is to make our workshops more accessible to BIPOC students of art, craft and design as well as BIPOC K-12 public school teachers

Each season, we’ll be offering 25 free seats in WildCraft studio workshops (Craft, Textiles, Native Art & Studio Art), for a total of 50 free seats each year.

We believe that having access to a rich range of educational opportunities will encourage and support BIPOC students to become leaders and teachers in the fields of art, design and craft in the future.

Native Art Discount

All Native Arts classes are offered at 50% off tuition for all peoples of North American indigenous descent. Please email for details.