Tiffany Garner

Tiffany grew up playing in her great grandmother's garden learning about plants and vegetable gardening. From an early age she was tasked with raking the leaves and weeding the garden but it never seemed like a chore. After moving to Portland and renting an apartment with some garden space she realized she had a true passion for plants and nature. She received her degree in horticulture and has worked in that field ever since. She spent several years teaching vegetable gardening and mason bee care at a local nursery and enjoys making educational videos about plants on her YouTube channel. She is an avid hiker and always enjoyed spotting the weird things like lichen, moss and tiny mushrooms.

After a few years of just photographing mushrooms for her Instagram page she became slightly obsessed with them and decided to start attempting to ID them to learn more. She recently delved into the world of hunting for edible mushrooms but still mostly enjoys just sauntering through the beautiful PNW forests hunting for any interesting mushrooms or forest treasures. She loves sharing her forest finds and teaching people to look closer and really appreciate their natural surroundings.