Lorelle Sherman

Lorelle is a bird nerd, wild foods forager, mushroom enthusiast, and forest ecologist. As a young birdwatcher, she spent long days in the forest eventually becoming intrigued by the plants and mushrooms surrounding her. She has been using wild plants as food and medicine for over ten years in the Northeast and Pacific Northwest. She prioritizes sustainable foraging practices by incorporating her  academic background in plant biology and wildlife ecology with her passion for conservation. Lorelle has a B.S. Degree in Wildlife Biology from the University of Vermont and a Master’s Degree in Forest Ecology from Oregon State University. Helping others build meaningful connections with the natural world through birding, plant identification, and wild foods has inspired her to prioritize environmental education and citizen science in her career. Lorelle teaches guided birding trips throughout western Oregon and regularly hosts wild foods dinners for friends and family. Regardless of the class topic, she brings an infectious enthusiasm for our natural world through a scientific lens.