Kimberly Daeschel

Kimberly is an outdoor lover and small business owner from Portland, Oregon. Growing up on a small vineyard in the Willamette Valley, Kimberly has always enjoyed being outside and exploring the natural world. While trained as an engineer in college, she quickly decided cubicle life was not for her and has since opened an escape room entertainment company in Portland, which has allowed her time to greatly expand her time exploring the Pacific Northwest. Kimberly enjoys hiking, camping, and backpacking. With an avid birder for a partner, Kimberly found  herself in the forest often, moving very slowly. This allowed her to stop and really explore the micro world of the forest, which of course includes many species of fascinating mushrooms! For the last 4 years, Kimberly has nurtured this newfound obsession with all things fungi by joining classes, societies, online lectures, and most of all, getting out there! Kimberly enjoys foraging for plants, fruit, nuts, and of course mushrooms, while learning new recipes and preservation techniques. She also is an avid photographer of her finds and has found joy in crafting intricately arranged baskets of mushrooms.