Isaac Weiss

Isaac Weiss is an artist, classically trained in drawing, painting and sculpture, as well as a woodworker, blacksmith, and hobby mycologist. He grew up on a gentleman's farm in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains, where he developed an interest in drawing at the early age of five, and a formative relationship with the natural world that still inspires his work and research today. Isaac has collaborated with local ecologists to study the essential part that mushrooms play in remediating habitats for native species, and is currently cultivating edible and medicinal mushrooms in a backyard test-garden. He lives in Portland, where he completed his Masters Degree in Fine Art, and continues to build a relationship with nature through drawing. Isaac's artwork has been shown internationally in the U.K, Italy and throughout the United States. He has worked as an educator for 15 years, with students of all ages.