Erin Riddle

Erin Riddle is a self-taught floral designer who has been making floral creations for over twenty years. Erin’s personal style emphasizes texture, tone-on-tone color, and composition. She loves using flowers, greenery and other natural materials that have been foraged or plucked from the great outdoors. Erin’s passion for flowers developed at a very young age. In middle school, she spent hours creating wreaths and bouquets with her mom using fresh and dry materials. As a teenager, she took a job in the floral department of a local market. She learned floral techniques and established a deep knowledge of cut flowers. Her love of plants led her to graduate school where she studied landscape architecture and learned about hundreds of native plant varieties in the PNW. She also became an avid gardener. Erin lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband and son.