Alanna Kieffer

Alanna has spent the last decade committed to coastal education and exploration. She began her career with the Haystack Rock Awareness Program and the Seaside Aquarium, teaching people about the unique creatures and conditions of the Oregon Coast. She studied marine biology at OSU and gained a deeper, more scientific view of the world. Following her degree she moved to Catalina Island and spent two years educating students of all ages and backgrounds about the ocean environment, its importance to humans, and our role in protecting it. She’s led environmental service-learning trips around the world with groups of high school students. She now resides back home on the Oregon Coast where she works as a seaweed farmer for Oregon Seaweed, a new land-based seaweed farm in Garibaldi. Much of her time is now spent educating the public about regenerative aquaculture and the story of seaweed as a “climate cuisine”. Alanna has worked in conjunction with the tides and crazy conditions of the oceans for much of her life and loves nothing more than sharing it with others.