Yobitsugi: Beyond Kintsugi (PM)

Teacher: Emi Joyce | Date: Sat, 10.12 , 2-5pm | Location: SE Division Studio
Tuition: $140 | Materials: $50

Yobitsugi 呼び継ぎ - a colorful and creative variation of Kintsugi - is a traditional Japanese craft practice of repairing broken ceramics. More info...

Meaning “a calling together,” Yobitsugi is a technique often used when original pieces of a broken vessel are missing, and a variety of patchworked materials are brought together to fill in gaps and breathe new life into a fractured piece. As in contemporary Kintsugi, students will mend breaks with synthetic materials and gold powder, creating gold linework that evidences the repair of the artisan. With a focus on beauty and precision, artist and instructor Emi Joyce will lead students through the process of selecting complementary patchwork materials and creating strong joins. The philosophy that accompanies this cultural craftway speaks to a commitment to reuse, deep care for the objects in our lives and a holistic embrace of imperfection.

This introduction to the art of Kintsugi is designed as an accessible, 3-hr course for curious beginners. A broken ceramic piece is provided. You are also welcome to bring your own broken ceramics - the original piece should be small and broken into no more than four fragments. During the workshop one to three items can be finished, depending on the difficulty of the pieces and your individual pace.

No previous experience necessary. This workshop is open to anyone 18 years old & over who meet the Essential Eligibility Criteria for Studio Workshops. All participants must accept the inherent risks of participating in a Studio Workshop and agree to sign a liability waiver. This waiver describes in more detail the risks you assume by participating in a Studio Workshop. PLEASE carefully review it!

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