Work Trade for Workshop Credit

Every WildCraft workshop, with a few exceptions, reserves 2 seats for worktrade students. The goal of this program is to ensure that as many people who wish to take our classes are able to. 

Work-trade offers 1/2 off tuition, in exchange for 1/2 the number of hours in the workshop in work trade. Materials fees are not discounted.

ex. 1-day (6hr) workshop 3 hrs work-trade /// 2-day (12hr) workshop 6 hrs work-trade

Work-trade usually takes the form of flyering: hanging posters and distributing catalogs. These catalogs and posters are our main form of marketing, so we ask that work-trade students hand these out within 2 weeks of receiving them. Flyering requires walking into boutiques, coffee shops, galleries, grocery stores and other small businesses and asking if catalogs can be left in a stack, or if posters can be hung. Occasionally, we need help assembling mailers, or general support at either studio, but more likely than not, if you sign up for work-trade, you are committing to distributing catalogs or hanging posters.  

Work-trade is only offered to students who are reliable, honest and communicative, and to those who can 100% commit to the exchange outlined. 

Work-trade does not necessarily have to be completed prior to taking the workshop. 

If you are interested, please reach out to