Wasco Weaving: Sally Bag with Pat Courtney Gold

Date: Sunday May 10, 2020
Time: 10am-4pm
Location: Portland Studio
Teacher: Pat Courtney Gold
Tuition: $150
Materials: $10

Join us with treasured community elder and educator Pat Courtney Gold for a day of storytelling and Wasco weaving, a craft held dear by the Wasco people. The Wasco lived for thousands of years along the Columbia River, and the weavers among them were known for their full-turn twining techniques and beautiful geometric designs and motifs. The class will focus on Wasco-style weaving techniques and patterned design work. Students will weave a small Wasco Sally Bag learning the "traditional start," as well as the traditional full-turn twining techniques used to create geometric images. The workshop will cover the following: Wefts, Warps, Tension, “’Z” twining, and Full-turn twining, and traditional “braid” rim.

All Native Arts classes are offered at 50% off tuition for all peoples of North American indigenous descent. Please email lauren@wildcraftstudioschool.com for details.

Ideal for students with some twining or weaving experience. Open to students 16 & up.