Talia Hammond

Talia was drawn to wine country in the Pacific Northwest after informally learning about the craft at a family run vineyard and winery in Germany. Here she fell head over heels for mushroom foraging, which led down an emerald green path to a deep love for medicinal plants. She and her family and friends have been benefiting from the power of medicinal plants since. Talia works professionally as a winemaker for Aniche Cellars in Underwood, WA. She and her husband also have a medicinal herb farm, Jean Marie’s Garden, with a small apiary.

Kayaking the beautiful white waters of the White Salmon River, cycling through fir forests and cherry groves, and rummaging around in the woods with her daughter make her heart smile.

Talia has formally studied Enology at Washington State University, and Herbology at the School of Traditional Western Herbalism.