Mt. St. Helens Mushroom Forage (Oct. 6) with Rachel Zoller

Date: Sunday October 06, 2019
Time: 10am-3pm
Location: Offsite
Teacher: Rachel Zoller
Tuition: $120.00

Spend a day foraging for mushrooms in the unique environment around Mt. St. Helens! The diverse ecosystems around this famous volcano are home to a wide collection of mushroom species. Think coastal woodland meets mountain wilderness. Lobster mushrooms, King Boletes, a variety of Chanterelle species, Cauliflower mushrooms, Bear’s Head mushroom, and Matsutake are all edible treasures that could find their way into your basket! In addition to collecting choice edibles, we’ll spend time learning about the many other colorful and unusual mushroom species that inhabit this region. This workshop will cover the basics of mushroom identification, sustainable foraging techniques, how to find mushroom habitat, and the preparation and preservation of your mushrooms. Though we can’t guarantee you’ll go home with a full basket, we can promise this workshop will give you a new appreciation for wild foraged foods!

Open to healthy adults 16 and over. This workshop is ideal for folks who like to be outside, and are capable of hiking for hours at a time. We will be hiking, rain or shine. A detailed packing list is included in the confirmation email, and info about our foraging location will be provided 1 week prior to the trip. The approximate location of this forage is the town of Cougar, WA.