Sunstones & Hot Springs: CO-ED Rockhounding Road Trip! with Alison Jean Cole

Date: Saturday September 12, 2020 - Monday September 14, 2020
Time: 11am meeting time
Location: Offsite
Teacher: Alison Jean Cole
Tuition: $300
Materials: $100

Join us for a weekend expedition to the Oregon/Nevada borderlands, where we'll search for rocks and minerals amongst the largest continental rifting zone on the planet: the Basin & Range. We'll hunt for sunstones in the Rabbit Basin, search for petrified wood in Nevada's Virgin Valley, and dig for bright blue copper minerals in the Pueblo Mtns. We'll plan to camp at Hart Mtn Hot Springs and the Virgin Valley Natural Warm Pool, with a healthy and delicious dinner served tent-side by our camp chef. Trip leader Alison Jean Cole considers this region to be one of the most beautiful places on Earth. 

We'll be meeting at 11am in Plush, Oregon on Saturday September 12th. Participants coming from far away may want to be in the area the night before to reduce travel time to Plush. A perfect waypoint is Summer Lake Hot Springs in Paisley, about 1 ½ hours from Plush. The trip will end near Denio Junction, Nevada on Monday, September 14th. Participants may want to consider spending an extra night or two in the area to visit the Virgin Valley Opal Mines, nearby hot springs (Bog, Willow Creek, Alvord) and explore Steens Mountain and the Alvord Desert playa. 

This excursion is open to all individuals, 16 yrs & up who are in good health and enjoy spending uninterrupted time in extremely remote landscapes. Participants must have a high tolerance to heat. Cell service will be limited and likely non-existent for the duration of the trip. This trip requires that each car/van carry 2 passengers, which means if you are signing up alone, we will help you coordinate a carpool partner. This is a car-camping trip, not a backpacking trip. No previous experience necessary.

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