Post & Rung Stools

Teacher: Rose Holdorf | Dates: Fri-Sun, 10.25-10.27 , 6:30pm-9:30pm Friday, 10am-5pm Saturday & Sunday | Location: SE Division Studio
Tuition: $390 | Materials: $80
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A weekend intensive that packs the content of 3 workshops (woodcarving, weaving & natural dyeing) into just a few days! More info...

Post and Rung Stool Building has become a bit of a legend around the studio. A weekend intensive that packs the content of 3 workshops (woodcarving, weaving & natural dyeing) into just a few days! Friday evening will begin with a demonstration on splitting logs and a lesson in shaping pre-split stool parts using a shaving horse, drawknife, and spokeshave. Saturday morning, students will be treated to a crash course in natural dyes as they learn to dye cotton webbing to create the patterned seat of their stools. Sunday is pure magic, as students use mortise and tenon joinery to assemble the pieces of their stool and explore different patterns with traditional shaker tape (cotton webbing) to weave a beautiful pattern for their seat. Stools must pass the sit test, as any good chairmaker says, a seat is never finished until you sit on it! The oak used in this project is from Zena Forest Products, and is harvested locally from the Willamette Valley. Zena is a family run business that manages forests and works with other landowners to harvest native hardwoods with a focus on maintaining and improving a healthy and diverse ecosystem.

While students can expect to finish this heirloom piece over the duration of the weekend, it is an ambitious project! Prepare to work hard, work with your hands, and have plenty of fun too.

No previous experience necessary. This workshop is open to anyone 18 years old & over who meet the Essential Eligibility Criteria for Studio Workshops. All participants must accept the inherent risks of participating in a Studio Workshop and agree to sign a liability waiver. This waiver describes in more detail the risks you assume by participating in a Studio Workshop. PLEASE carefully review it!

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