Post & Rung Stool Building (July) with Rose Holdorf

Date: Friday July 24, 2020 - Sunday July 26, 2020
Time: 6:30pm-9:30pm Friday, 10am-5pm Saturday & Sunday
Location: Portland Studio
Teacher: Rose Holdorf
Tuition: $220
Materials: $60

In this two and a half day course each student will build a post-and-rung stool out of sustainably harvested Oregon White Oak. On Friday evening, students take a crash course on natural dyes and dye their cotton webbing for their stools. On day two, students learn about splitting logs for stool pieces and we will shape already split stool parts using a shaving horse, drawknife, and spokeshave. On the third day, students use mortise and tenon joinery to assemble their shaped parts into furniture, and explore different weaving patterns with traditional shaker tape (aka cotton webbing) to weave a beautiful pattern for their seat. And of course, we'll sit. As any good chairmaker says, a seat is never finished until you sit on it. The oak we'll use for this project is from Zena Forest Products, and is harvested locally from the Willamette Valley. Zena is a family run business that manages forests and works with other landowners to harvest native hardwoods with a focus on maintaining and improving a healthy and diverse ecosystem.

No previous experience necessary. Open to students 16 & up. 

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