Possibilities with Layers: Screen Printing & Collage

Teacher: Elizabeth Arzani | Dates: Sat-Sun, 10.21-10.22 , 10am-4pm | Location: SE Division Studio
Tuition: $250 | Materials: $50
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Whether you’re familiar with screen printing and looking to expand your process, or a collage artist hoping to add new tools to your belt, or you’re new to both practices, this class will have something for everyone! More info...

Screen printing is just as it sounds – a printmaking process where a mesh screen is used to transfer ink onto a surface, allowing for quick reproductions and multiples of an image to be made. Learn the fundamentals of accurately burning screens and pulling prints with artist and educator, Elizabeth Arzani! With these new skills, students will experiment with creating unique material for use in collage compositions, and/or printing directly onto collaged surfaces. Combining screen printing and collage techniques allows for endless exploration and variation. In this two-day workshop participants will compose works on paper using processes of layering, cutting, gluing, and printing in acrylic ink – you get to decide in which order!

No experience required, however Intro to Screen Printing, and Collage: Chance and Choice would both be great places to start.

No previous experience necessary. This workshop is open to anyone 18 years old & over who meet the Essential Eligibility Criteria for Studio Workshops. All participants must accept the inherent risks of participating in a Studio Workshop and agree to sign a liability waiver. This waiver describes in more detail the risks you assume by participating in a Studio Workshop. PLEASE carefully review it!

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