Portland Studio

WildCraft West: our Portland OR studio opened in March 2016. This 3000 sq ft space is also the showroom & shop of Fieldwork Design & Architecture.
WildCraft West offers 4-week evening courses and weekend workshops in contemporary craft skills, traditional textile practices and fresh perspectives on art-school classics. If you’d like to stop by the studio, please do so on weekends between 11am-3pm. 

WildCraft West
601 SE Hawthorne Blvd
Portland, OR

Classes at Portland Studio:

Katazome Indigo Resist

Saturday October 20, 2018 - Sunday October 21, 2018

Katazome is a centuries-old Japanese dyeing technique in which artists create a resist paste from a rice flour mixture and apply it to cloth using elaborately hand-carved stencils.

Columbia Plateau Twined Rattle-Lid Basket

Saturday October 20, 2018 - Sunday October 21, 2018

This class will use traditional plant fibers: tule, cattail leaves, sedge grass and cedar, to create a Plateau-style basket with a twined rattle “hat” (lid).

Weekend Weaving Intensive

Friday October 26, 2018 - Sunday October 28, 2018

In this weekend intensive, you will learn how to the basics of weaving on a table-top rigid heddle loom.

The Art of Mending

Sunday October 28, 2018

Extend the life of your clothing, while creating functional art and building vital and utilitarian sewing skills.

Big Baskets- Weaving with Rattan Reed

Saturday November 03, 2018 - Sunday November 04, 2018

Explore structural design and plaited weaving techniques to create unique, large baskets. 

Columbia Plateau Cross Warp Basket

Saturday November 03, 2018

This class will use traditional plant fibers: tule, cattail leaves, sedge grass and burr reed, to create a round graceful cross warp basket approximately 5 inch diameter and 7 in tall.

Experimental Weaving

Sunday November 04, 2018

This class is a lab for exploration and sampling, using unconventional materials to push traditional woven construction techniques.

Kalapuya Basket Weaving (nov)

Saturday November 10, 2018

Students will spend the day learning how to process Western Red Cedar bark, prepare it for weaving, weave a medium sized basket.

Large-Scale Felted Vessels

Saturday November 10, 2018 - Sunday November 11, 2018

Learn the ancient art of felted, and leave with a large-scale felted vessel.

Natural Paintmaking: Watercolor, Oil & Egg Tempera

Sunday November 11, 2018

Participants will have hands-on experience in processing minerals into pigments, as well as mixing them with various types of binders to make oil paint.

Winter Color: Natural Dyes of Portland

Saturday November 17, 2018

From harvest and plant ID, to preparing fibers: this workshop leads students through all the steps of dying with fresh and dried plants, with a special focus on flowers, berries, trees and ro

Winter Incense: Perfuming the Dark Season

Sunday November 18, 2018

Students create signature incense blends as we explore the lost perfume of the ancients.