Perfume of the Forest: Black Poplar, Western Red Cedar & Wild Rose with Jessica Ring

Date: Wednesday February 20, 2019 - Wednesday March 06, 2019
Time: 6:30pm-9:30pm
Location: Portland Studio
Teacher: Jessica Ring
Tuition: $190
Materials: $30

“Witness how the forest speaks the language of perfume.” -Jessica Ring

In this three part series, students will engage in focused dialogue, lecture, and hands-on learning. This exploration of the perfumes of poplar, red cedar, and wild rose will connect students to the aromatic ecology of our NW forests. Perfumer and storyteller, Jessica Ring will guide students through a journey, illuminating the spiritual connections between plants, animals and humans. Essential oils of each plant will be evaluated in various forms, as sustainable harvest and extraction techniques are explored.  Ways to give back to the forest will be shared in stories, as a perfume is composed made from the essences of our native PNW forest.