Ocean Vessels: Transforming the Meaning of Marine Debris with Emily Miller

Date: Saturday May 14, 2022
Time: 10am-4pm
Location: Portland Studio
Teacher: Emily Miller
Tuition: $150
Materials: $20

"I see the coast as a transition zone between our known human world and the deep unknown "otherness" of the open sea. By approaching this otherness in the context of playful curiosity, collaboration, and connection, my work creates an environment for positive transformation that enriches our relationships with ourselves, each other, and our world.” -Emily Miller 

Driven by a deep love of the coastal landscape and motivation to make use of marine debris washing up on beaches around the world, artist Emily Miller has employed the skills of coiling and stitching to transform reclaimed fishing rope into beautiful, conceptually charged vessels. Using a mix of “ghost net” gear lost or abandoned at sea, as well as responsibly retired nets donated by local fisheries, this workshop offers students a site of skill-sharing, collaboration and conversation, with a focus on materiality, re-use and transformation. 

As creatives, how can we re-imagine the future of waste and debris? 

How can these forms embody and express emotion and meaning? 

Emily will provide the class with several hundred pounds of reclaimed fishing rope and nets as raw material, demonstrating her artistic process of forming coiled vessels that honor the complex history, potential, and beauty of this abundant material.The studio will provide a range of additional materials and tools to support expressive experimentation. Students will be encouraged to explore form, color, texture and pattern, while developing a relationship with this creatively potent material. 


No previous experience necessary. Open to all adults, 16 & up.

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