Mushroom Dye & Pigment with Julie Beeler

Date: Saturday March 12, 2022
Time: 10am-4pm
Location: Portland Studio
Teacher: Julie Beeler
Tuition: $160
Materials: $25

Fiber enthusiasts! Curious about fungi & natural pigments? Combine your interests and learn how to use mushrooms to create beautiful, vibrant, and nontoxic dyes perfect for any natural fiber. Julie Beeler will teach students how to unlock the famed Dyer’s Polypore ‘tinctoria.’ Everyone will create a mushroom color chart that will document the colors of this famed mushroom across different fiber types. We will cover general mushroom dye techniques, types of mushrooms and walk through the process of making dye baths and dyeing the fiber. She will teach everyone about the lake making process which is a great way to extract pigment from the mushroom dye baths, and convert the pigment into a solution for painting and printing. Learn the process of lake making and techniques for storing and using the pigment. Play with mixing mushroom pigments into inks by exploring different ways to mix, bind and apply the pigment with natural materials. Each student will take home a Dyer’s Polypore color chart, samples on fabric and paper along with a craft notebook full of recipes and instruction.

No previous experience necessary. Open to all adults 16 & up.

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