Misha VanEaton

Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, Misha quickly developed a strong affinity and reverence for the woods. Misha works as a wilderness guide in Washington and Oregon leading trips such as backpacking, mountaineering, rock climbing, surfing, and winter travel. After taking a course in traditional western herbalism, Misha’s personal adventures outside began to transition from summiting mountains to days spent squatting on the side of a trail flipping through a plant identification book. Being able to give names to the plants around them, recognize the same plant throughout the seasons and years, and get to know a plant’s unique qualities and relationships gave Misha a new depth to their experience in the woods. As they are fortunate enough to work in the backcountry, they have been able to get to know many local plants through their stages of life and death and observe the forests at its many stages before and after disturbances such as fires and clear cuts.

Misha recently completed a degree in sociology at Portland State University where they researched the sociology of the conservation of American Ginseng (aka Panax quinquefolius). Misha has a strong interest in understanding the economic and social realities of plants in the Pacific Northwest and hopes to bring this perspective into their classes.