Herb Farming & Medicine of Yarrow with Talia Hammond

Date: Sunday July 07, 2019
Time: 10am-3:30pm
Location: Offsite
Teacher: Talia Hammond
Tuition: $120
Materials: $30

Easily overlooked as common meadow weed, Yarrow has an understated presence that belies its rich history and profound healing properties. Yarrow originates from the Latin name millefolium, meaning “a thousand leaves”, and has been harvested since ancient times to treat maladies ranging from colds and flu to fevers and digestive disorders. Herbalist and farmer, Talia Hammond, is offering a focused workshop exploring the properties, medicines and preparations of yarrow, from her mountain-top herb farm. Nestled among conifers, dogwoods and oaks, students will harvest from Talia's certified organic yarrow field, learning the process of creating tinctures, as well as distilling yarrow in a large-scale copper alembic still. This is an ideal class for those who appreciate a deep-dive into the medicine of a singular plant.

This workshop takes place offsite, on a working herb farm 15 minutes from the town of White Salmon, WA. The address of Jean Marie's Farm will be provided when you register. This workshop is ideal for folks who like to be outside, and will be held rain or shine.