Matsutake Mushroom Forage! with Rachel Zoller

Date: Friday October 25, 2019
Time: 10am-3pm
Location: Offsite
Teacher: Rachel Zoller
Tuition: $120.00

The forest floor comes alive in the fall, and you’re invited to join us there for a day of foraging and learning as we explore the world of mushrooms – with a special focus on the prized Matsutake. The Matsutake has an allure unlike any other mushroom: its scent is intoxicating and its culinary (and monetary) value is renowned the world over. Special care and attention is required to find and identify these well-hidden treasures, which is why we are focusing an entire course exclusively on hunting them. (Be assured, however, if we come across other beautiful, interesting, and edible mushrooms – as we surely will – they will not be ignored).

In general, this is a wonderful opportunity to encounter a variety of mushrooms and gain identification skills. First time foragers will become confident in identifying key mushroom features, while hunters with more experience will be able to fine-tune their identification skills through more advanced techniques. Though we can’t guarantee you’ll go home with a full basket, we can promise this workshop will give you a new appreciation for wild foraged foods!

This workshop is open to healthy adults 16 & older. This workshop is ideal for folks who like to be outside, and are capable of hiking for hours at a time. We will be hiking, rain or shine. A detailed packing list is included in email that confirms registration, while an exact meeting place will be provided via email, 1 week prior to the trip. The approximate location of this trip is Trout Lake, WA.