Advanced Juncus Weaving with Stephanie Craig

Date: Saturday November 14, 2020 - Sunday November 15, 2020
Time: 10am-4pm
Location: Portland Studio
Teacher: Stephanie Craig
Tuition: $230
Materials: $50

Juncus is a soft rush that is a traditional basket weaving plant, used commonly in Western Oregon and Coastal California. At the turn of the century, collectors sought out juncus purses, mail holders, baskets and wall decorations. In this class, each student will learn a traditional basket “start” in different variations, working on fine-tuning their weaving skills with multiple techniques. This material is a thin round soft rush, that can be difficult to work with. Because of its size, juncus takes two to three times longer to work, rewarding the patience of skilled weavers.

Our instructor has asked that allStudents should be at the level of intermediate weaver, actively practicing weaving techniques in order to enjoy this workshop.

All Native Arts classes are offered at 50% off tuition for all peoples of North American indigenous descent. Please email for details.

No previous experience necessary. Open to students 16 & up. 

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