Fall Fruit: Companion Planting with Natives with April Jamison

Date: Saturday September 14, 2019
Time: 10am-4pm
Location: Portland Studio
Teacher: April Jamison
Tuition: $125
Materials: $15

Fruit trees find their ecological niche at the forest’s ecotone – the edge where forest meets prairie or meadow. In this environment, fruit trees have plant allies, or “companion plants”, with which they live symbiotically. Here in the Pacific Northwest, the native plants are uniquely adapted to this climate and have co-evolved to support local wildlife, such as our native pollinators and bird populations. Learn how these amazing plants can provide nutrient rich topsoil and improved pollination, and even deter harmful pests that prey on fruit. In this workshop, April Jamison, a local garden designer and fruit tree expert, will share how to honor and support our local ecosystems by planting regionally suited fruit trees with Pacific Northwest Native companions. Students will leave with a selection of native seeds, as well as instructions on how to germinate them as spring approaches.

Open to all adults, 16 years & up. This workshop will be hosted at Malden Court Community Orchard, in SE Portland.