Dreaming in Textiles with Orquidia Violeta

Date: Wednesday October 06, 2021
Time: Wednesday evening 6:30pm-9:30pm
Location: Portland Studio
Teacher: Orquidia Violeta
Tuition: $90
Materials: $20

Capturing dreams from the ethereal moments of sleep and translating those lucid visions into the material world has been a preoccupation of artists for hundreds of years. The work of Salvadoran-American textile artist, Orquidia Violeta, expresses the dream world in found material assemblages, and using a range of textile techniques from weaving to beadwork, appliqué to knitting, to create vibrant, complexly layered imagery. 

This workshop offers students the opportunity to approach their creative process through the dream world, guided by Orquidia's uniquely experimental sensibility. With a wide array of materials to choose from, students will be encouraged to explore a recent dream, drawing on the memories of imagery, colors, storyline and characters to create a multi-media memento. This workshop is ideal for folks who are comfortable with some textile/art-making processes. Students will have the freedom to choose whatever materials and processes they'd like to work in. Students are also encouraged to bring in any special materials that may add meaning to their creations. 

Featured work: "Plantas Mi Amigos" by Violeta Orquidia @orquidia_violeta

No previous experience necessary. Open to students 16 & up. 

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