Damien Carre

When Damien was seventeen, he started a part time summer job at the suggestion of a friend’s mom, who thought he needed more direction in his life. Although he always had a passion for the outdoors, he never thought that he could make a career out of something that he loved so much. Seventeen years later, Damien is driven by his passion to continue exploring creative methods to engage others in appreciating this rare gem we call Earth.

His desire to pay it forward is exemplified through the creation of Expedition Old Growth where others are allowed to experience the world through adventure, conservation and awareness with a particular focus on our forests and the habitat contained within.

Damien is a Certified Arborist, ISA-Qualified Tree Risk Assessor and the owner of Oregon Tree Care, a unique company focused on tree preservation in one of Arboriculture’s premier locations. He takes pride in precision, skill, and community development through his work and philanthropic ventures. He currently resides on the Board of Directors for a local group, Ascending The Giants and is co-chair of the PNW-ISA committee for the local and regional tree climbing championships.

When he is not “going out on a limb” in the local communities, he is out enjoying it. Damien is an avid rock climber, having climbed on three continents, has hiked the Swiss and Italian Alps and enjoys adventure canyoning. His adventurous lifestyle and passion for the outdoors is contagious.