Contemporary Hand Quilting

Teacher: Chloé Derderian-Gilbert | Date: Sun, 10.20 , 10am-4pm | Location: North Mississippi ANNEX
Tuition: $165 | Materials: $20

Experienced stitchers and beginners alike are invited to join artist and seasoned sewing instructor Chloé Derderian Gilbert for a day of hand stitching. More info...

Curious about quilting, but intimidated by the scale and commitment of traditional projects? This class offers beginning stitchers the opportunity to dive into the world of modern quilting in an accessible format. Focusing on design, palette, and a variety of sewing techniques, students will design and sew their own quilted piece. But don’t let your mind stop at quilt squares! The options are endless: tool pouch, pillow case, eye mask, needle holder, and the list goes on and on.

Students are encouraged to bring in their own cotton or linen fabrics to incorporate alongside the natural-fiber fabrics provided in class. While the class will focus on hand sewing, please email us if you have a sewing machine that you'd like to bring for the class to use.

No previous experience necessary. This workshop is open to anyone 18 years old & over who meet the Essential Eligibility Criteria for Studio Workshops. All participants must accept the inherent risks of participating in a Studio Workshop and agree to sign a liability waiver. This waiver describes in more detail the risks you assume by participating in a Studio Workshop. PLEASE carefully review it!

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