WA Cascade Range Porcini Forage with Dan Parhaniemi

Date: Saturday May 29, 2021
Time: 10am-3pm
Location: Offsite
Teacher: Dan Parhaniemi
Tuition: $125

Porcini mushrooms are one of the world’s most desirable culinary mushrooms. Their flavor is often described as nutty and earthy. While there are several species of mushrooms that are called porcini, each species has its own habitat and seasonality requirements. In the Pacific Northwest, spring porcini appear when the morel mushrooms start to taper off and temperatures rise. Also known as ‘spring kings’, these mushrooms tend to fruit underneath heavy layers of needles and duff, sometimes not breaching the soil until the last stages of growth. Knowing specific tree species and landscape features is imperative to finding prime specimens. In this course we will cover identification of the plant, tree, and fungal species that associate with the spring porcini, as well as some of the ecology of the Eastern side of the Cascade Mountains. Join me in discovering the intricacies of the beautiful landscape in which these mushrooms inhabit!

This forage will take place near Salmon La Sac, WA. An exact location and further detail will be included in an email to participants one week prior to the forage.

This workshop is open to all adults 16 yrs & over, who are prepared to hike all day (rain or shine) on uneven terrain, off-trail. This is not a suitable workshop for those with health conditions that may be triggered by hiking, carrying a backpack, or being outside for 5+ hours in variable weather conditions. Finding porcinis or other edible mushrooms is not guaranteed. A high level of education, however, is guaranteed! Please leave dogs at home. No previous experience necessary. A detailed packing list is included in the confirmation email, and info about our foraging location will be provided 5 days prior to the workshop date.

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