Botanical Illustration with Chelsea Heffner

Date: Sunday September 15, 2019
Time: 10am-2pm
Location: Portland Studio
Teacher: Chelsea Heffner
Tuition: $125
Materials: $10

Have you ever found yourself staring with fascination at the perfect coil of a fiddlehead fern, or the rhythm of petals in a dahlia bloom? How about that sense of joy that comes from admiring a chubby-capped acorn on the first day of fall? Observational drawing allows us to capture and preserve the beauty in the ever-fleeting natural world. Artistic plant-lovers, sharpen those 2B pencils and join artist and WildCraft Founder, Chelsea Heffner as she shares her love of the natural world in this 1-day Botanical Illustration workshop. WildCraft will provide a range of drawing tools and papers for students to experiment with, as Emilie guides the group through drawing exercises that train the eye to notice the detail, texture and shape of natural forms. 

No drawing experience necessary. Open to all adults, 16 years & up.