Botanical Illustration: Plant Anatomy with Serena Richelle

Date: Sunday April 03, 2022
Time: 10am-4pm
Location: Portland Studio
Teacher: Serena Richelle
Tuition: $145
Materials: $20

In the same way it helps to understand physical anatomy to accurately illustrate the human body, understanding the structure of plants better helps us illustrate them. In this one day studio course students will learn about different plant structures through dissection and comparison of flower types and leaf arrangements. Students will first explore and illustrate these differences and then pick a flower to study for a deeper, visual investigation. Starting with graphite and then working with watercolor, students will turn their observations of their flower into a fully illustrated page showing not only their flower as a full specimen, but the many sepals, stamens, and petals that make up the complex structures. Students will leave with a self illustrated sheet of plant anatomy and terminology as well as a finished watercolor.

No previous experience necessary. Open to all adults, 16 & up.

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