Posted on Jan 28, 2019

WildCraft just spent a full weekend on the Oregon Coast learning all about the offerings of the sea. These are Percebes (pronounced per-SEE-bess), commonly known as Gooseneck Barnacles, often found on coastal rocks in Oregon. On the Iberian Peninsula, these are considered costly delicacies and are highly sought after. In Spain and Portugal, fishermen face the torrential seas to find as many as possible. The stronger the waves, the larger the barnacles. Here in Oregon, they flourish- yet the local and national taste hasn’t quite warmed up to them. Tasty and opulent, percebes are mineral rich, supply essential fatty acids, and a substantial amount of vitamin B12 and other necessary B vitamins. They’re also extremely easy to prepare. Pop them off the rocks, and cook with butter or oil on high heat for a little over a minute. Twist and peel the rough skin away and voila. They may look strange, but these crustaceans are a delicious, underutilized and sustainable local food source. Go get your annual shellfish and surf fishing license! $51 for both.