Julie Beeler & Krista Cushman

Designer, artist, educator and native Oregonian, Julie Beeler grew up with a deep love and curiosity for the natural world. She co-founded and led Second Story, an interactive design studio in Portland until 2012. Focused on interpretive, editorial, and educational content. Julie created experiences that supported cultural vitality with a commitment to preservation and conservation for many of the world’s greatest museums and cultural institutions to connect their audiences to the world of ideas in more personalized, powerful, and lasting ways. In 2018, she conceived and launched Bloom & Dye to grow her work and passion to benefit what she values most: curiosity, education, creativity, collaboration, community, and the environment. For Julie, educating others on how plants, fungi and their colors reflect the beauty of nature is something she is moved to share as a way to inspire care, stewardship and impact. When she is not digging in the soil, working in her art studio or leading workshops, Julie teaches Creative Entrepreneurship in the Applied Craft + Design MFA program at PNCA and OCAC in Portland, Oregon.

Krista Cushman is a gardening, plant-crazy, chicken-loving viticulturist with a profound love for the Columbia Gorge. She spends her days outside looking for bugs, fungus and mold in vineyards. Ever since the first autumn morning that she noticed the explosion of mushrooms in the forest she has been running into the woods with wonder and a hunger for knowledge whenever she finds a spare moment.

In a different life, she received a masters in education from Lewis and Clark and was inspired and guided by place based education. Now she combines her love of foraging and the Columbia gorge with teaching. A yearning to know the forest and how each organism relates to one another fills her with a deep sense of awe and purpose. Sharing the outdoors with her daughters and cultivating their relationship with the woods is her great joy in life. If you find yourself walking through the woods, yodel and she just might yodel back. 

See what Julie and Krista are up to: @bloomanddye  and @rootsandmycelium