Sowing Seeds: Grow with WildCraft

Bring your new ideas, skills, classes, and collaborations! We're ready for you! WildCraft is hosting meet & greet sessions throughout June, and encouraging makers, explorers, farmers, business owners, to bring us your ideas and proposals. This is an effort to meet not only new teachers, but to connect with like-minded folks who share in the mission of WildCraft. 
How this all works: 
First, take a look through the categories below and see if your ideas line up for what we are looking for. If you have a class proposal, an idea for collaboration, or an offsite location you'd love to host a workshop on, OR you just want to introduce yourself -- please get in touch! 
We're dedicating the next few weeks to reading your class proposals, notes and collaboration ideas, followed by a handful of in-person meetings and interviews throughout June and early July. Please reach out by June 17th! 
Email with the subject line SOWING SEEDS 


Weavers, knitters, dyers, woodcarvers, basket weavers, metalworkers! We're interested in adding new textiles and craft workshops, and finding new teachers to join the WildCraft family! We'd love to add culturally rich offerings, and broaden the skills and techniques we offer through our public programming. 

From mushroom hunts to waterfall hikes, seaweed harvests to clay digs: WildCraft Expeditions are some of the most sought-after workshops season, after season. In 2019, we'd like to build out our program of coastal workshops- expanding our reach into the bays and coastal forests of OR & WA. We are looking for instructors and guides who intimately know the flora, fauna, fishes and fungi of these areas, and are interested in leading excursions such as: 
-clam & mussel harvests
-seaweed harvests
-wild foods of the coast
-mushroom forages
-plant ID walks & lessons
-fly fishing trips
-fly tying workshops
-river explorations
-experiences that focus on salmon/steelhead
-bay kayaking 
In addition to adding to our coastal programming, we'd love to meet new teachers who could lead excursions into the wilds of Eastern Oregon & Washington, or the Cascade Range. 
Place-based learning is a huge part of what we do at WildCraft, and we'd love to get more people outside for thoughtful, engaging excursions.
Our relationship with our Native teachers is incredibly important, and one that we do not take for granted. We are always open to meeting new teachers who wish to share his/her cultural traditions with the WildCraft audience. We would love to build stronger relationships with local tribes, and find ways to make WildCraft classes accessible for tribal members. We welcome any and al thoughts, connections and class proposals that feel relevant to our Native Arts programming. 
Herbalists, perfumers, plant-people, gentle witches: we want to connect! We're considering bringing some of our seasonal herbal medicine classes to Portland, and are hoping to expand our teaching network! 
We'd also love to develop a curriculum of place-based herbal medicine classes: experiences that take students to a location to learn about the ecosystem, plants and medicine of a particular place, i.e. Medicine of the Mountain, Medicine of the Desert, etc. 
Do you have a few acres at the coast, and have always wanted to see it used for something creative? How about a flower farm in the Willamette Valley, ready to host a natural dye workshop? 
Maybe a fantastic old barn, and fruit orchard, ready to host a weekend of preserving classes? Tell us about your rural property, and your dreams for seeing it used! *We're looking for independent land-owners, rather than event venues, and established B&Bs