Advanced Studio Seminar: Practice & Dialogue with Elizabeth Malaska

Date: Wednesday May 04, 2022 - Wednesday May 25, 2022
Time: 6:30pm-9:30pm Wednesdays
Location: Portland Studio
Teacher: Elizabeth Malaska
Tuition: $400

How does one sustain a creative practice? Inherently a solitary activity, art making also benefits greatly from exposure: participating in studio visits, engaging in dialogue, viewing the work of other artists. However, having access to insightful and informed feedback outside of art school is rare and without the support of a community of engaged artists, building a language and vocabulary around one’s artwork can be challenging. 

This month-long seminar is designed for artists to join in community, practicing the art of giving and receiving feedback on creative work. Together, the group will lay solid foundations for how (and why) to talk about our work, and each session Elizabeth will present reading, research, and prompts to inspire and direct work undertaken outside of class. 

This class is for artists who have an active creative practice and want to engage in:

  1. research and exercises to go deeper in the studio 

  2. group conversations (critiques) to understand and build language around work

  3. exploring strategies to sustain a creative practice long-term

  4. diving into the milieu of historical and contemporary fine art and begin (or continue) to suss out where and how to contextualize their artwork 

We’re honored to have painter Elizabeth Malaska lead this Advanced Studio Seminar. She is the recipient of the Hallie Ford Fellowship, a grant from the Joan Mitchell Foundation and a grant from the Elizabeth Greenshield Foundation. Elizabeth’s work is part of the permanent collection at the Portland Art Museum, and she is represented by Russo Lee Gallery.

This seminar is open to practicing artists of any medium, as long as the artwork can be transported to the WildCraft studio for critique. Participation will be determined by a short paragraph expressing intent, and submissions of 5 work samples. 

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